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Join the Imperial 501st Legion... A RP'ing Clan

I have been informed to make you aware that The Empire has formally requested your service... recently a small band of terrorists have destroyed a number of installations throughout the outer-rim.

I have proposed dividing the Empire into "priority sectors." This action will cause an overlap in the existing astrographic and political sectors, and give us a distinct tactical advantage in locating those that demonstrate treasonous activity.

The Emperor has granted me the honor of Grand Moff, I will oversee all plans from a new, moble weapon. You have been requested by the Emperor to join the 501st Legion... you will work directly under Lord Vader who has been given the task of locating a missing transmission from terrorist spies.

If accepted, you will be expected to roleplay your "hero" character as well as participate in decisive battles using either the stormtroopers/officers or fleets.

Hurry, there can be no delay...

Here are the number of open positions left:

1. Moff Tarkin
2. Colonel Veers
3. Boba Fett
4. Mara Jade
5. Bounty Hunter

Remember, "Doctrine of fear" Is simply- "Rule through the fear of force, rather than force itself."

" Execute... Order... 66..."

The 501st Legion of the Empire
Stival Discipal-Recruiter

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