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Carodej, when posting a larger block of text like you had, please seperate things into mini-paragraphs, one per thought, it is somewhat headache inducing trying to read larger blocks of text. I'll do it for you this time to give you an example.

About the mod, I do appreciate your input, but I have no desire to go back and revise this mod, it is just as I needed it to be.

Originally Posted by Carodej
So my real issue here is that of the appearance of progress. As I go along in the game, I look forward to finding better goodies, learning new feats, gaining new force powers, improving my skills, etc. So with your cool items, after I receive them I have less to look forward too.
Well that is a way of looking at it, but I found no reasoning to place them anywhere but the Exile's room on the Harbringer, as this is where your items are in the game. Besides I use the items I find on my NPC's anyway!

And if you want more Sith to attack you, Prime has a Assassin to Dark Jedi Conversion mod you might want to check out.

Thanks for the compliments, and welcome to the forums!

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