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El Virus, before I forget I must ask what kind of relationship Argentinians have with Brazilians. My friend told me that the two nations are pretty much at war over football.

Now VampireNaomi is the most loyal Grim Fandango fan I know of.
No, I'm not. There are a lot more dedicated people around here. Having Christmas holidays and no social life whatsoever gives me the chance to hang around here.

About the Lenin museum, I was talking about the one on the Red Square; but anything will do
Well, it's not much of a distance. Remember to visit St. Petersburg (you must see The Winter Palace).

I don't want to sound like I'm sticking my nose to other people's business, but the obstacles you mentioned, Charie, can be overcome. I mean, my mum is pretty much like you described yourself and yet dad married him. Besides, Virus doesn't sound like a particularly petty person.


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