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I'm still trying to figgure that one out I usually just write down the skill levels and then modify them accordingly.

As for the wrist launcher issue, this can easily be done using kotor tool, simply open 'wristconsole.uti' and change the base item from 'wrist launcher' to 'forearm band' and save the file.

Basically just do this backwards. Specifically:
3) Change the 'base items' from 'forearm bands' to 'wrist launcher'
would be:
3) Change the 'base items' from 'wrist launcher' to 'forearm bands'

I'm told there was a "side-effect" with the wrist console/launcher itself, apparently if you just get yourself 1 wrist console and not equip it, it will show up on the bottom left options for all your non-droid party members. Sadly all my characters had the wrist console already equipped when I did tests and have only recently found out about it (like a week ago..) :|

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