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The two men in the corner looked around carefully before noticing Ban's exit.
"The centaur is making too much noise"
"Let him be, will you? We're not here to babysit other rebels. We're here to get some supplies before we continue our journey"
"I still don't like rebels lie that. He can mess this whole thing up"
"Trust me on this one" the mage said and the conversation ended there. The mage turned the scroll around for the paladin to read. The paladin looked at what had been written and drawed onto the scroll and then sighed, leaning back on his chair.
"So... Now we need an assassin to take care of the general in Karleqe so we can get a clear route all the way to the Ice mountains..." the paladin said and sighed again
"Yup" answered the mage and leaned back in his chair.

Reaper had nudged his hood back on as he had walked down the stairs and his hair was drawn back, but not into a ponytail this time. He walked with Tani over to the bartender and leaned onto the desk. "Give me an ale and give the lady..." he said but stopped, looking at Tani, expecting her to order something

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