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Originally Posted by Charie
I don't mind (though I wonder whether that's a good sign or bad). You see, I have left not only that, I've left all my life overboard at some point: school (I have a school-leaving certificate, but virtually I didn't attent it in my supposed last year, and didn't take exams - I was officially exused from them), preparatory arts school, friends, relations and everything else. I don't think I wasn't helped profoundly to abandon it all, but I certainly should have done something, should have resisted... Right. I know I couldn't have done anything differently.
It's just sort of hard to switch from the perfectly organized, happy ordinary life to a complete wreck of it.
Was there a reason for you to do it?

I think about leaving everything every once in a while; unfortunately, I then need to come back to my monotonous reality.

Yes, that's true. So far I've only met 'not my types' either. Well, I'm an 'unseasoned pear', as mother calls it, I don't have the slightest idea what should be.
Obstacles? For one, I'm not actually a 'mind-blowing romance' sort of person. At least I don't think I am. And you wouldn't like me: I'm plump, with green complexion and an awful Don-Copal temperment (*scared to read this myself*), and I sing all the time despite the fact that I've no voice. Oh, and there's the ocean.
Heartbreaking, isn't it?

I'm thin, with white complexion(?), moody & insecure. I spend time playing the guitar and harmonica, despite not being so good at it :P.

What about the ocean?

Tango is loved all around the world. I think dances overall are great, when I see people dancing beautifully, flawlessly, well - just dancing, I feel sad about my total lack of aptitude for it. Can you dance? Tango? I guess you can.
No I can't dance. I've been repeatedly asked if I can (must be the shoes), though.

Lithuanian national character is nothing admirable. Petty, greedy and grave, with little interest in anything but practical mundane routines, and not welcoming in the scantiest. Narrow-minded. Of course, there are kind, nice, friendly and open-hearted Lithuanians, but those are more an exception to the common rule; I somehow don't consider them Lithuanians at all.
With that you've described about 82% of the world.

I wonder what's so astounding about these two songs for you. My friends and me were constantly singing "Ваше Благородие" when kids, among other popular songs from movies. I can't think of this song without remembering Sukhov and Sayid and others.
The nice lyrics, the great music and the fact that "Vashe..." comes from "White Sun of the Desert" a great Soviet movie. The other idea, it sounds really nice to me.

No! Ai-yai, how could you even think that of me. I haven't had a crush on anyone, well, maybe save for unserious over-admiration for a couple of girls.
Well, the way in which you talk about him helps, in a way.

I have my reasons. Well, everything about me is either too much or too little. It's terrible.
As for yesterday - I guess I was excessively doubtful due to tiredness and worries about today. I still don't know how will I spend the New Year celebration. Most probably there won't be any celebration for me at all, but it still may be lunch with my father, or - - I'd prefer to know in advance.

Oh yeah, it's New Year today/tomorrow.
I guess I'll spend the day inside a car only to arrive at night into a small town.

Ditto, mon cher ami.
Let's pick and relish those scant diamonds in the dust our sorrowful ways cautiously present to us even on the darkest days of our lifes. Mes enfants.
Well said. o_O.

Originally Posted by VampireNaomi
El Virus, before I forget I must ask what kind of relationship Argentinians have with Brazilians. My friend told me that the two nations are pretty much at war over football.
Football, don't talk to me about it. I'm fed up with it; everyone in this country seems to be obsessed with team sports, especially that one. All you hear, is football; no current events, no art.

But over all, the relationship is messed up; there is too much rivalry between South Americans.
I don't consider myself a typical one, so I have no prejudice against them.

But things are worse with Chile.

No, I'm not. There are a lot more dedicated people around here. Having Christmas holidays and no social life whatsoever gives me the chance to hang around here.
Name three, and I'll believe you.

Well, it's not much of a distance. Remember to visit St. Petersburg (you must see The Winter Palace).
Indeed, I will.
I still don't know when and how (but most probably next December and by train).
I'll mail you, if I ever need you or your help.

Let's face the facts: I'm too old for the boy.

...Hey, boy? Don't take offence.
Who gives a damn about age?

Argh, I'm not going to keep pushing this.
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