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Originally Posted by JofaGuht
No, actually. It is an independent film that Linklater used his personal and usual producers, Tommy Pallota and Anne Walker-McBay, for. It was shot on DV, and the reason it got the big name actors was because of the weight of the names of some of the execs, like George Clooney and Steven Soderbergh, and the fact that the book is pretty beloved by a lot of the named people.

Linklater was known as one of those "no-budget" pioneers of the early nineties. He made Slacker, which he made with his friends in 1991 for 20 thousand dollars and got distribution and a lot of critical acclaim. It's a story in the hands of people I trust.
I had heard it was something like that; but I think it's produced by Warner Bros. and I thought I was mistaken.

I'll look forward for that movie then.

It gets bothersome. Especially some of the friends who are more into the philosophies that spark my interest, they go, "Oh, you're into this sort of thing? You have read Huxley." or "Gravity's Rainbow is a fantastic novel that's an obligation." or "William S. Borroughs is God." I follow their suggestions and the critical acclaim and get lead to a turgidity that's lucky if it can get me through twenty pages. I don't even bother buying books anymore. Now it's when I'm at a bookstore, I desperately search for that book that's for me. I mean, I've already read everything by Cormier, and he's dead now. So I'm stuck.
Yeah, that happens. That's the bad thing about dead authors.
It's very difficult to get into a book that somebody recommended to me, it's like if I had some moral obligation to read it.

Not too sound like your friends, but you should go for sarcastically dark humorists like Bierce and Twain. Or 'hard boiled detective' fiction like Hammet or Cain. Or more philosophical writers like Miguel de Unamuno.
Sorry about that.
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