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Obi Wan ran like mad, slicing anything that got in his way. Vader followed closely with ease. Obi Wan tried all kinds of tactics on Vader but they did not work. He was losing hope when he saw a ‘+’ type ‘junction’. He rounded the corner into the right corridor; and ran into Mace and Yoda. They flew up in the air and landed hard a few feet away. Before Vader could slice them, however, Yoda raised his hand and yanked hard. Vader flew over their heads and landed a long way away. They scrambled to their feet and ran into the left path, Vader following once again. After what seemed like a lifetime of running, they reached a massive cylindrical room. It extended what seemed like 100 meters high, its curved walls shining brightly from the reflection of their lightsabers. Obi Wan was a little behind the other two, and that position he would regret all his life. Just as Mace and Yoda ran through the other entrance, a heavy steel door came crashing down, cutting off Obi Wan’s exit. Unable to stop in time, he ran headlong into the door and collapsed, out of breath. Vader was walking into the room behind him.
“Do you really believe that your plan was foolproof?” Vader asked. “The Empire has many spies. And one of them has just converted and supplying me with vital information about your petty rebellion.”
“Nobody in the Rebel Alliance wants to help you, Anakin,” Obi Wan said. “So why don’t you say that you sensed us instead?”
“Although I did sense you, and a fat lot of good the Ysalamiri did too, I had one of your friends on my side. Tara.”
“Impossible!” Obi wan retorted. “We would have sensed it in her.”
“I taught her techniques to mask her inner self, Obi Wan.” Vader said simply. “Admit defeat, and we may spare your life.”
Obi wan got to his feet and re-ignited his blade.
“Like I said before, Anakin: ‘only a Sith deals in absolutes. I will do what I must.’”
Vader lunged, Obi Wan leapt over him and landed behind the Dark Lord. Vader stopped and turned, calm and cool. Obi Wan stood there, waiting. Vader attacked again, this time much faster, and Obi wan was drawing on much his energy to save himself.
Mace and Yoda skidded to a halt as the door slammed shut. They were about to slice it open when a hooded figure walked out of the side. It stooped in front of them and was joined by another figure that jumped down from above. The latter lowered its hood; and in front of them stood Tara.
“Tara,” Mace gasped. “What are you doing?”
“Do you really believe that the Dark Side is easy to resist?” Tara asked. “I did so at first. Vader tortured me and tried to break me, but it did not work. Eventually, I began to see the truth. The Jedi are afraid of one another’s power and potential. The Sith, however, only encourage more power. And I will prove myself to Lord Vader by killing both of you.”
She ignited her blood red blade and jumped at them.

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