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Dark Siders

It is Jedi Outcast that sets the scene for Jedi Academy on the subject of what happens in the next game refeering to Tavion and her quest to resurrect Marka Ragnos. It is Desann in the Outcast that trains Tavion and also creates the Reborn obviously and Kyle not killing Tavion when he should have at least to stop the threat to the galaxy in the next game.

Yet who trained Desann? It is known that he was trained at the Academy and then he left when he had a brush with the dark side; but he must have had some dark-side training; I wonder if it was Jerec; but then was he killed before Desann was inrolled at the Academy. I also wonder how Desann found out about the Valley of the Jedi too or is this common knowledge?

I thought, anyone?

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