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Desann is a lamer

Originally Posted by I say, I say

Yet who trained Desann? It is known that he was trained at the Academy and then he left when he had a brush with the dark side; but he must have had some dark-side training......
I thought, anyone?
I believe that he had more than a brush with the darkside, he actually lamed one of his fellow Jedi after a sparring competition because he/she wasn't "good" enough or something.


Desann is a lizard-like humanoid of the Chistori species. Before joining Luke Skywalker's Jedi academy, Desann was haunted by loneliness, being shunned and feared by his fellow Chistori, who did not fully understand the nature of the Force and regarded it dangerous black magic.

Once in the academy, Desann proved a very powerful and successful student. However, he was impatient, lusting for power, looking down on his fellow students, aggressive, and even argued violently with his teachers.

During a training session he struck down and killed a fellow student, saying he was "too weak to be a Jedi." He left before anyone could help him. He became one of two leaders (the other being Admiral Galak Fyyar) of an Imperial Remnant faction seeking to regain control of the galaxy by creating an army of force-users feeding on the energy of the Valley of the Jedi.

Since only Kyle Katarn and his partner Jan Ors know the location of the Valley of the Jedi, Desann and his student Tavion capture Jan Ors on Artus Prime, a mine for unique crystals, in order to trick Kyle into revealing the location of the Valley. As planned, Kyle tries to rescue his friend, and Desann commands Tavion to kill Jan Ors as a ruse to motivate a now Force-insensitive Kyle to go to the Valley to reconnect with the Force; and Jan remains secretly alive on the Remnant flagship, Doomgiver.

Kyle, believing that Jan is dead, travels to the Valley in order to avenge her death. Desann follows Kyle, and thus Kyle unwittingly plays right into Desann's trap.....

I know...wikipedia... it's actually pretty accurate when it comes to EU stuff. It's been sooooooooo long since I read this book but this sounds correct.

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