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Originally Posted by Fred Tetra
Actually, I figured MacLeodCorp might be off on vacation, so I took matters into my own hands... muahahahahah!

You can check out the work (or damage <grin>) at:

Some of the links aren't up yet, but you can at least get an idea of what it'll look like.

I am still writing the PHP scripts to automatically generate the map download section, since HTML that produces a "nice-to-look-at" page is invariably hard to maintain manually. My script reads a file created by the map calibration data generator, so things will always stay in sync. All I have to do is upload a single file additional file besides the maps and MapInfo.bfd files and the script does the rest.
Why did the pages fall apart? I just noticed the color scheme you used, so I will go back and change the colors on my set. All the tables on the pages fell apart? Everything should be alinged flush top, but they are not? What are you using to generate a PHP page?
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