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The mage was now also observing, which was terribly odd from him. He usually never was to peek at other people, but the paladin had gotten his interest this time. The paladin turned to his elven firend and smiled. "I wonder how they will work together if it already looks like this" he noted and the elven mage nodded. "But they both are better than most assassins. They are perfect for the job" the mage said back swiftly.

Reaper looked up at a balcony, a couple of stories above the main entrance of the fort. Ten guards walked around the fort walls, all on standby. The assassin looked around and backed off back into the shadows. It would be too risky to do this now. Especially without the proper gear that he wouldn't get until the next day when the merchants were in town. It would seem he would need to skip this catch

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