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Originally Posted by Fred Tetra
Since the site was layed out a bit different than I wanted, I knew your spare time was scarce, and I wanted to get things up for the users ASAP, I commented out some of the table rows and made some other minor adjustments and spelling corrections. Mostly I removed the downloads, since they're going on their own auto-generated page. Since your design used tables instead of frames, maintaining the same identical "right side" content on several pages to keep them synced would have made maintenance a pain for me.

Removing some of the rows did mess up the top-flush-ness, but I should be able to fix that later.

As far as generating the PHP code, I'm not sure what you mean. I am writing it by hand using a text editor, if that helps.
I get it now... Hehehe... Sorry for the mess up.

At the moment, I am finishing up what I have here. After I am done, I will send the pages right over to you. I didn't relieze that you were writting PHP through a text editor. I am using Adobe GoLive and Dream Weaver. I am able to drag and drop, write PHP, and HTML in one program. Most of the stuff I am able to do is automated. If there are errors in code, I can find and fix them quickly. Both of the programs I use highlight errors, so I am able to fly through page construction.

As of this morning, I have not checked for spelling errors. Was there alot of errors? Most of the work I did was thru copying and pasting your original text.

Added Edit::
After I give you this upcoming set, I will review the changes you made, and see if I can come up a version that will ease your pain.. Hehehe...

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