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Viper rolled and blasted at a clone pilot. He blasted several more as they ran to their ships. But too many got away.Viper had a plan he planted a mine on a ARC 170 and a mine on a Republic Starfighter. When the two arose Viper shot at ther ARC 17- which dodged the fire but got too close to the republic star fighter they both exploded causing the shield to go off and a metal cover go over it. As it did this many of the replublics ships crashed into the barrier. Viper didn't stick around long enough to find out what else would happen. He stole some clone armour and put it on. He knew it would fit becasue his bounty hunter armour had been desighned by the man who had made those clones. Jango Fett. A very good friend of Vipers. If only he was here now. Viper could not dwell on the past he had a mission to do. He made his way to the bridge...


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