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You will not believe what happened to my program............ I had gotten it for Christmas, and as we brought it home I put it on the computer shelf. I figured I could try it out tomorrow. I went to bed and my Mom saw the box long after. She thought it might be trash, so she picked up the box and squeezed it to see if anything was in there. She must not have felt anything in the box because the CD must have been thin. I'll never know. She took it out to the trash and into the back of her truck. She drives her trash to the trash people. And, so in the next morning, at around ten, my Mom got in the car, and went to the trash. I figured I'd try out the program, but you know what happened next. My Mom had taken it to the trash and so right now it is a part of the ground that is Mariposa. Well, maybe this is an omen, that nobody should try to make a Knights of the old Republic movie just yet. Remember those words and you just might save yourself a hundred bucks. And your pride. Feel free to comment on my predicament. ( Starts to cry.)

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