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Amanda grinned as the transmitter shut down. Then she glanced up and winced. It had taken her longer than she'd expected. Alliance ships were closing in on the ship. She shoved Jayne roughly toward Serenity and snapped, "When I said be prepared to run, I didn't mean walk leasurely!"

River lifted the ship slightly off the ground and Amanda telekinetically, tossed Jayne into the cargo bay. The ship rose a little higher and Amanda leapt in. Zoe was already at the controls to close the door and punched them as soon as Amanda's hands had grasped the ramp. She hurriedly lifted herself up and over the closing door and tumbled in with surprising gracefulness.

The ship lurched as River accelerated and directed it upward toward space. Another lurch sent everybody tumbling. The Alliance wasn't wasting any time with talk.

"They want you dead," Amanda murmured. "They don't care about me anymore."

She dropped to her knees and closed her eyes. The Alliance ships began to wobble slightly in their flight path. Weapons fire that would have hit Serenity barely missed. Amanda's forehead was covered in sweat.

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