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"WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!?!fixer,boss!help sev and scorch!everyone else...." i yelled,grabbing my RPG."LOCK N LOAD!SHOOT THAT THING DOWN!" i shot rocket after rocket at the thing.i finally got a good hit on the engines and it lowered a bit to a nearby cliff,and me and omega jumped onto the outside of the ship and found some handles to hold onto.i deployed my grappling hook to the ship,and omega did the same."they dont know were aboard!just hang on and as soon as they land well sabotage their ship!" i whispered to him.he nodded.i hung onto the handle for dear life and hoped that if i lost my grip my grappling hook wouldnt snap."oh wait i can use the force." i said,hiting myself in the forehead.i magnetized the area where omega was,so he stuck onto it,and for me,i used the force to temporarily melt the metal around my armor,and then harden again.i opened up a candy bar that worker gave me and took a bite,then stored it back in my pocket.

the covenant is invading!
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