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I've started writing this answer yesterday, but then the New Year had occured, with my father dropping in and staying till the morning (we were representing some sort of the 'two lost souls in an alliance', I suppose; both having nowhere to go and nobody else to spend the celebration night with), and after that I had a huge cleaning-of-the-flat marathon, and a nice looong bath, and a re-whatching of Vabank, and completely scrambled from the lack of sleep brains. So, I'm going to copy-paste most of the following from a saved file with a message I didn't get the chance to submit earlier.
Bear in mind, though, that my curret strenuous task is not to fall asleep on the keyboard practically at any minute.

When I look at the profiles of the two of you I see that the age difference is about a year. That's hardly a problem. What am I not getting?
That it's almost two yers, actually. Just imagine: when he was a naive innocent newborn, I was already a self-righteous cantankerous little bastard, refusing to share anything with anybody and knowingly manipulating unsuspecting parents.

<about El Virus>I doubt I know anything you don't already know.
That's the trouble with him, isn't it?

El Virus
Was there a reason for you to do it?
I think about leaving everything every once in a while; unfortunately, I then need to come back to my monotonous reality.
I didn't say I wanted it, or had much choice. It was not about 'leaving everything' but breaking down myself and abandoning the world of the living as a result. Out of shame, weariness, corrupted state of mind. Very corrupted. I hadn't been able to think straight for more than a year. Actually, it was only during that period of time when I'd pondered every once in a while as to what it might be like to 'fly away' - because I had nothing but wreckage and garbage to leave behind, then.
So, as I've said above, it was a breakdown: of my will, perception, sensibility, me. I've lived as a plant (*and it was as terrible as it sounds*). Not that I really live a normal human life at the present time, but at least it's not as insentient as before.

I'm thin, with white complexion(?), moody & insecure. I spend time playing the guitar and harmonica, despite not being so good at it :P.
What about the ocean?
Argh, I'm not going to keep pushing this.
The thing about the ocean is that it is big.
Or else we could look mutually complementary individuals. *right now, though, I can't help but wonder how a person may desire anything other than a good slumber; that's unfathomable*
And I didn't know you were pushing; that's alluring. It's such a distress that I live in this village of a country, when there's a hot Argentinian senorito with a most appealing proposal and serious intentions out there. That's what I detest about the Internet, you know: once you find a true love of your life, you also oftenly find out, as a special bonus, that he or she lives on the opposite side of the Earth.

No I can't dance. I've been repeatedly asked if I can (must be the shoes), though.
Must be origin. Argentinians must dance; what sort of Argentinians are they, otherwise?
By the way, is your origin solely... Argentinian or whatever? I mean, by blood. I mused whether you have some other relation to Russian culture except the pure interest, for example. However, I guess it's safe to assume you take great interest in a vast selection of subjects.

With that you've described about 82% of the world.
I see you don't have much faith in humanity.
I was talking about a national character. Russians are very open, for example; even when somebody does bad things, you feel it comes straight from his heart. Isrealians are careless-carefree, and cantankerous. Lithuanians are unwelcoming and reserved. I haven't socialised with other countries' denizens.
These were inane opinions of mine, you realize.

The nice lyrics, the great music, <...>
From "Песни Нашего Века" four albums I possess (the first one of which includes "Ваше Благородие", by the way) I happen to favour the 'In the memory of Francois Rabelais' song quite a lot, for some reason.
But I'm not really much into music, on the whole. From Russian tunes I usually listen to a couple of brilliant children's radio-plays I have in mp3, or sing children songs myself. "Прекрасное далёко" and "Крылатые качели" are on the top of my singing list (if you'd be brave enough to call my shrieks 'singing', surely). I suppose you know those.

Well, the way in which you talk about [your historian] helps, in a way.
*suspicious* Helps with what, exactly? I talk about him in a way he deserves, in my view. There're quite a lot of people I know and admire that I could talk volumes about.

A listless mention: you know, I've asked a couple of people yesterday that question of yours about Mauryan Empire. One asked me back whether that has something to do with New Zealand (those where some 'Maori', I reckon), and the other retorted as to why would anybody care.
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