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Broken Wars: Kashyyk Defense

Mission Briefing: The republic has received a distress call from the wookies of Kashyyk, they're under attack from the CIS. There are two Republic Capital Ships with three frigates to protect the capitals. The capital ships are loaded with pilots, marines, troopers, and other classes of Republic soldiers. There are also three squadron of Starfighters on the two capitol ships and each ship and frigate has auto turrets and shield generators. just in case. :wink: Unfortunately, the CIS have blockaded the space surrounding Kashyyk, and they have three capitols and two frigates. The republic must destroy the blockade to get down to Kashyyk to aid the wookie defenses.

You are either a Republic or CIS pilot or marine attacking or protecting the blockade.

Character Information sheet
Name: (Required)
Age: (Optional)
Gender: (not required by CIS)
Class: (Pilot or Marine)
Side: (Republic or CIS)
Weapons: (Two Primary, and two Secondary)
Bio: (Optional)

Ship Specs:
Type: (Such as Jedi Starfighter, V-Wing, Droid Tri-Fighter, etc.)
Shield: (Yes or No)
Hyperspeed: (Yes or No)
Reinforced Hull: (Yes or No)
Targeting System: (Yes or No)
Weapons: (Your ships weapons)
Other: (Anything else I didn't cover or any notes about the ship)

I'll fill in my info when we have at least two othe memebers. Enjoy!

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