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Amanda ignored Jayne for the moment. Her eyes were still closed and her hair was damp with sweat. The Alliance ships swerved and smashed into each other and Amanda gasped. She blinked slowly and took her shuttle's 'remote control' out of her pocket again. From it, she initiated the shuttle's self destruct, effectively destroying the Alliance ships that landed to investigate.

Slowly, Amanda stood and turned to face Jayne.

"You'll kill me?" she asked, sounding surprisingly strong for how thoroughly exhausted she looked. She shook her head. "Think about it logically. A few months back, River beat you up, right?" She nodded to emphasize her words. "Now, I understand you were only trying to stop her from fighting, but consider this: how many Reavers did she kill to keep the rest of you alive on Mr. Universe's planet?"

She laughed quietly. "Now, think of me. The Alliance finished everything they were going to do with River on me. If River can do that, what can I do?" She shook her head. "You'd not get the chance to kill me before I knew what you'd planned and stopped you." She blinked again. "So let's have no talk of killing."

Her voice sounded weaker. "And in case you didn't realize it, if I hadn't tossed you in, you'd have been dead. Remember what I said about running back to Serenity? Alliance was landing just behind us. They'd have shot first and asked questions later... so really, you should be thanking me... not threatening me."

With a groan, she collapsed to the deck and murmured, "Ships big. Humans small. Ships hurt to move... oh, dear God, my head..."

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