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List of improvements they should make...
  • Increase turret power on capital ships
  • Include all old maps
  • Put more ships into space battles
  • much larger land maps (at least make utapau bigger, the battle was huge!)
  • Bring back flying ships on ground-based maps
  • Increase the interior size of capital ships
  • dont give heroes time limits, just less health
  • reskin weapons so they stop looking repetative (arc caster and blaster rifle are the same)
  • Put in more, many more troops
  • i wouldn;t mind a little EU, such as mandolorians
  • in galactic conquest, you should be able to recruit untis from conquered planets. (For instance, if you own geonosis, add geonosans, utapau, and utapaun warriors)
  • give dark troopers shotguns
  • put in afeature that allows you to pick up weapons from the ground.
more will come

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