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There will be spelling mistakes. But thank the keyboard, time, lack of a word processor and my tiresome.

James, who runs the DOD and finds the inspiration to update it regularly, Rei Nokato who not only writes good fanfiction but also runs the GF fan art club and we can't forget Thrik and his site.
Ohay, but you are still a more loyal fan than me.

Talking about Rei Nokato, will he ever come back to the forums?

Originally Posted by Charie
Bear in mind, though, that my curret strenuous task is not to fall asleep on the keyboard practically at any minute.
That pretty much describes my current state aof mind. I'm on a humid cyber cafe (you know, where you rent a computer for an ever-increasing fare); full of people I couldn't care less to know, fighting with the keybord which is practically broken (and keeps including the letter 'a', without a clear reason [If you spot an unwanted letter, it's because of that]).

Sounds like you had fun yesterday. All I did was walk around the woods at midnight while the fireworks were going in the background (I'm not at BA, and I won't be there for a while; by the way).

That it's almost two yers, actually. Just imagine: when he was a naive innocent newborn, I was already a self-righteous cantankerous little bastard, refusing to share anything with anybody and knowingly manipulating unsuspecting parents.
All kids and babies are self-righteous bastards.
But age is a relative thing, one could argue that it's only purpose is making people wonder about their deaths.

-I doubt I know anything you don't already know.

-That's the trouble with him, isn't it?
By saying such things you inflate(?) my ego, so I begin to think I can take over the world, next reality strikes me and makes me realise I'm an idiot.

So, as I've said above, it was a breakdown: of my will, perception, sensibility, me. I've lived as a plant (*and it was as terrible as it sounds*). Not that I really live a normal human life at the present time, but at least it's not as insentient as before.
As long as you don't regret it, I guess that it's a right move.

Having a normal life is not as good as it sounds. What I would give to know how living amongst a strange family is...

For once I would love to act according to my emotions instead of my logic. Just improvise and make something impulsively; you know.

The thing about the ocean is that it is big.
Oh yeah, THAT Ocean.

Not that big a problem with this globalised world of ours.

*right now, though, I can't help but wonder how a person may desire anything other than a good slumber; that's unfathomable*
For some reason, I hate to sleep (but give in as soon as I'm exhausted); I consider it to be a waste of time. There's that little biological fact that makes it impossible not to, though.

And I didn't know you were pushing; that's alluring. It's such a distress that I live in this village of a country, when there's a hot Argentinian senorito with a most appealing proposal and serious intentions out there. That's what I detest about the Internet, you know: once you find a true love of your life, you also oftenly find out, as a special bonus, that he or she lives on the opposite side of the Earth.
[I should include a compliment and complain about my city too, but I'm uninspired to write something nice]

Ironically, the internet allows you to meet that kind of people.

But, yeah, it does become a problem.

Must be origin. Argentinians must dance; what sort of Argentinians are they, otherwise?
If I had the time to juggle school, Russian, guitar, reading and other activities, I'd definitely learn how to dance it.

Unlickly, the current stereotype is "Argentine people must play football the right way" (which I don't anyway).

By the way, is your origin solely... Argentinian or whatever? I mean, by blood. I mused whether you have some other relation to Russian culture except the pure interest, for example. However, I guess it's safe to assume you take great interest in a vast selection of subjects.
Half Italian, a quarter German and the rest a mixture of nationalities I haven't digged up yet.

Unfortunately I've got no Russian blood. But my aunt's husband (my uncle, technically), both of whom I like a lot, comes from that country.

But my interest comes from the propaganda my father would give me as a child, and my grandfather was very fond of the Soviet Union, despite it's reputation, so does my aunt; as you might see, it runs in the family.

You got it right there, I am curious about a vast amount of things; damn I've
even heard the history of the burial methods and toilets but that has more to do with my free time.

I see you don't have much faith in humanity.
It's more of a crusade against comformism.

I was talking about a national character. Russians are very open, for example; even when somebody does bad things, you feel it comes straight from his heart. Isrealians are careless-carefree, and cantankerous. Lithuanians are unwelcoming and reserved. I haven't socialised with other countries' denizens.
People in here are open and close, too close. Due to my tendency of not looking at people in the eyes, and un-desire to kiss everyone on the cheek, I am usually frowned at.

I suppose you know those.
Actually I don't. Due to the lack of imports getting music made in the Soviet Union is practically impossible. Getting things by Okudzhava was a sacrifice.

*suspicious* Helps with what, exactly? I talk about him in a way he deserves, in my view. There're quite a lot of people I know and admire that I could talk volumes about.
I know, I was just giving a reason to my comment.

A listless mention: you know, I've asked a couple of people yesterday that question of yours about Mauryan Empire. One asked me back whether that has something to do with New Zealand (those where some 'Maori', I reckon), and the other retorted as to why would anybody care.
The latter is the most common answer. That absent-minded and unprofound Nihilism is killing society.

If you must know, it was the first major empire of India (From around 200 BCE (before Common Era; not sure about it's abbreviation), and an important thing in that culture.
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