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all I really want is some more depth to the space action *sigh*

some tradeoffs so u can fit it into the palm of your hands. I'd like to know why they didn't add rooms to the inside of the hangars on the PSP version. Only reason I could think of is because the PSP couldn't handle the extra polys in the rooms...but hell,4 starships and 8 fighters cant use up that much compared to the land maps.

some of the maps they picked for it sucked,not that the maps themselves suck,but they shoulda added the maps where actual battles of the movies happened. Theres The Asteroid Station for instance,that they coulda traded for the Jedi Temple,which seems to be much kewler. There was no battle in the movie,and there probably wasn't in the timeline either there. But there was battle inside the Temple (altho yes,it was Jedi vs clones/anakin,not driods) but still...

one map I'm missing from BFI was Geonosis,it was my fav from the first game,mainly because of the AT-TE (which isn't in PSP version now!). There was a huge ass battle there...but a friggen asteriod station instead.

It would be so friggen awesome if they made a patch to add the rest of the maps from the other versions,even if they were watered down.Hell,I'm getting a 1 gig memory stick soon anyway. I just wished they picked other maps for the PSP version,the maps where battles ACTUALLY happened shoulda been added before maps that battles COULD have happened.

Overall its a good game,they just made some bad decisions,like those ^ and the fact that MosEisly is the only Assault map,and the Hereos assigned to certain maps,where as 2 arent used at all cept for Assault mode.

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