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Name: Viper
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Class: Pilot
Side: Republic
Weapons: Duel Blaster pistols, Blaster rifle, Grenades, 4 Timb bombs
Bio: Little is known about the Bounty Hunter known only as "Viper". He was a close friend of Jango Fett and was a volenteer for the Republic Army. Note: In later life Viper turns against the Republic and fights with the CIS

Ship Specs:
Type: Custom ARC - 170
Shield: Yes, higher than average ARC 170
Hyperspeed: Yes, again higher than average ARC - 170
Reinforced Hull: as above
Targeting System: as above
Weapons: Four laser cannons (Two are added when ship goes into attack position) Phonton Torpedoes, Heat seaking missiles, EMP missiles
Other: Secondary pilot available

I'll post properly later


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