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i slashed my way through door after door in the shafts,occassionally just wanting to tell omega to jump off the ship then plant a charge and jump off to.i finally got to the weapons system,and planted some charges around them,then ran back into the shafts and detonated it."there goes their up:security" i thought,then started slashing,and i came over the ramp and saw the two down in there,exiting.i just wanted to take a spas 12 i found and aim at those traitors heads.but instead i simply tossed two tracking devices down onto them,their size so small that you couldnt feel it if you shot it at yourself.i continued onto te security station and dropped a thermal,a loud 'BOOM!' following."two down,four to go" i thought,then continued on through the shafts,slicing every single last door blocking me i came to.

the covenant is invading!
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