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Originally Posted by Pooeypants
You told him to shut up or put up.
This is your original line, unedited;
"Listen, we all like the game here and no-one seems to be agreeing with you so just leave it because I sure as hell don't want to hear it."
So, have I quoted you out of context? Did this line have another meaning to it. Please elaborate.
I posted hastily and I take it back. But I don't have to explain myself to you.

Originally Posted by Pooeypants
It is still a strawman argument. His pointers with regards to realism were in reference to the Battlefront series. Read his post if you don't believe me.
Never heard the phrase "strawman argument" before but fair enough.

Originally Posted by Pooeypants
Why has the A.I. barely improved? What's the point of having a new fangled single player mode when it's filled useless bots?
The AI are the same, I don't care what Lucasarts say.

I wouldn't have expected such an in-depth argument from someone called Pooeypants.

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