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[edit: eep, WJ replied while I was typing this... rewording now..]

*Before Tanara speaks up*

Marin: *looking past Orthos to where Raschel is listening in* So what about you, Raschel? Same questions.

Raschel: What would I do if I were chosen leader? I would be at a disadvantage. This isn't the world I grew up in. There is so much I don't understand, things that most of you grew up with. I don't know how well I could lead. But I would never shirk the responsibility. If someone else was chosen, I would hope they thought the same. But I don't think it matters who we choose. We need to unite, and this is one way of forcing it. Why? Because if we don't, all we'll do in the end is fight with each other and accomplish nothing. We all have to do the work to accomplish that, not just one or two of us that the others pick.

*to Tanara* That's why there's going to be three leaders, right?

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