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((Since Deac has gone to sleep, and I want to finish this scene, I am going to assume that Orthos just took a little while thinking about the answer to the question, so Raschel answered. If Deac does not approve, he can reply with Orthos' answer and I can edit. ^_^))

Raschel: If the majority is wrong, then our mission suffers. If the majority is wrong or right and we clash rather than accomplish anything, our mission suffers. If the majority is right, then our mission does not suffer. Perhaps you disagree, and perhaps you're right, but I was once a soldier, and I will always be that soldier in some way. *She looks at Orthos* And Orthos was a soldier once too.


Asgardried Cargo Bay

*Guy runs his fingers over scans, cords connecting his blind eyes to ship readouts*

Guy: There. There!

K'Warra: *from the back of the ship* So you've got it too?

Guy: Yes.

K'Warra: Someone else found them first.

Guy: Yes.

K'Warra: Mucrae. Blades. Hunting the shadow casters. *He pauses* Your friends will all die.

Guy: *presses comm* Asgardried. We've found the others.

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