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Kotor Tool - v1.0.2192.37362 (2006-1-1 21:54)

A new version of Kotor Tool has been posted today.

If you're manually downloading, check that the version number is the one below.

v1.0.2192.37362 (2006-1-1 21:54)

  • Eliminated redundant loading of chitin.key file during model extraction
  • Label font and color can now be set in the Module editor
  • Module editor now restores the last X-Y scroll position of the map when opening a module
  • Adjusted Volume Variation range in Sound (UTS) editor
  • "Show Maps supported by Module editor" now shows maps in alphabetical order
  • Fixed XML Load/Save bug in the UTI editor
  • Game script version selection in Text Editor no longer allows you to pick both versions
  • Script compilation in Text Editor now reports errors correctly
  • Fixed "broken" Delete key in Text Editor
  • Text editor now has: list of functions available in NWScript file specific to each game
    with function name filtering; click to show function definition; double-click to paste function
    name; and context menu to show definition for a selected NWScript-defined function.
  • Module editor now handles missing files more gracefully when "Show Tags" is activated
  • Fixed Module editor centering view on just-deleted items
  • Text editor now shows line numbers (this is a test; it may or may not remain a feature...)

New MapInfo.bfd (v1.2006.0101.1) and maps to support these modules has been posted:
  • 001ebo - Ebon Hawk interior
  • 002ebo - Ebon Hawk exterior
  • 103per - Peragus fuel depot
  • 105per - Peragus dormitories

Kotor Tool Developer

"You want to help everyone who asks for aid, answer all of their questions, write that crucial bit of code for which they're searching, and be the hero who saves the day (and their job), but there comes a point when you realize that sleep is sometimes necessary."
—Stephen Toub

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