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Originally Posted by DuffmanDan
Ladies, see here

just a friendly heads up -
Thats about as good as you can get, without some tweaking to different parts of the image to get it JUST right for your particular head, and maybe getting some of the shadow work if your pc/npc is truely that buff (i see no bulges under the robes to indicate that they are anything other then lean, trim, and athletic, not having muscles for show) Im trying to make it look similar, just with less definition to the muscles, and less hair

that, or we wait for the animations to be fixed so someone with modeling experiance can give us a better model

looks good enough for me

I was actually working on something VERY similar to this today, but my husband accidentally closed Paint Shop Pro on me and wiped out what I did

(or at least he said it was an accident, maybe he didn't like seeing me tweak the body of the Carth head I have in TSL ???)

Anyway, thanks for the heads up

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