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Asgardried Cargo Bay, Guy's Ship

Guy: Transmitting coordinates, and I'm sure you know who I am talking about, Asgardried. *Guy presses a few buttons*

K'Warra: I think I like their ship.

Guy: Put me through to Heimdall. I need to explain the situation.


Shadow Base

*Aren listens to her comlink*

Aren: We're under attack. You'll have to excuse me.

*She lowers the hovering platform back into the vast guts of the base, landing it near the area where the captives had first been brought in. Machinery and ships and robots surround them. Workers are running to and fro wildly. People are swarming to ships, taking off and leaving. The base shakes with the sound of distant explosions.

Two hunched creatures of humanoid form but moving eerily like extremely fast spiders appear on top of a ship, swinging bright, glowing blades. They are both entirely covered, every inch, in a black, armored bodysuits. Glowing infinity symbols decorate the tops of their hands. Their only details on their faces amount to the axe-blade symbol around the glowing slashes where their eyes apparently were.

The Blades leap from ship to ship, slicing their way through bodies, viciously slaughtering anything moving. People are cut down screaming as they run*

Aren: Hounds!

*One of the humanoids leaps at Aren, as the second moves away, killing fleeing figures. Aren stands perfectly still. At the very last moment, as the Hound's sword slashes towards her neck, she whips her blaster out of nowhere and fires in the Hound's face as it descends on her. Simultaneously, she blocks its blade with her staff and kicks it away with her boot. The blast leaves no mark on the face of the Hound's suit, but it doesn't move once its body stops rolling*

Aren: Change of plans.

*She tosses a canister on the ground. The weapons taken from Orthos, Ellela and Matt are inside. She then presses several buttons on her armband. A shimmering field surrounds the moving platform and the captives' bonds fall away*

Aren: If you want to die... feel free to try and run away.

*The platform begins once again rising*

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