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Sounds like you had fun yesterday. All I did was walk around the woods at midnight while the fireworks were going in the background
If only I've had fun; your New Year sounds much more enticing to me. I would have been much happier if I didn't celebrate it at all. Besides, I hate going out of my time-table, even rarely.
I consider sleep a waste of time as well, and would be glad to get rid of this - unfortunately - necessary nuisance for good, but I need to sleep around 7.45 hours a day to function appropriately. The longest I've ever been awake were four days, after which not even walking could save me anymore: I would just faint asleep on the move.

By saying such things you inflate(?) my ego
Oh, no; we're just being modest and self-criticizing. *shuffle*

As long as you don't regret it, I guess that it's a right move.
Having a normal life is not as good as it sounds. What I would give to know how living amongst a strange family is...
I beg your pardon, don't regret what? In the whole situation there was nothing even remotely reminiscent of conscious 'moves', it was more like being taken away by a too fast, wide and deep river, lost every hope for a salvation and thus stopped struggling. I can't feel regret for what I regard as inevitable accidents, though I can abominate them, and so I do.
Normal life is a beautiful and craved for thing, when you have less than that. However, at the present moment I can't see any normality for myself; everything had been a bit too crooked around me in the past - in my view.

I would have liked to grow up and live in a perfectly normal, healthy real family. Not that my actual one is something outstanding, of course: they were two sincerely despising each other people with the notehead in passports, who had finally split up officially a a year and a half ago. Happens all the time. They had already been only tolerating one another by the time I was born; notwithstanding, they both wanted me, just separately.

For once I would love to act according to my emotions instead of my logic. Just improvise and make something impulsively; you know.
Do you mean you never actually act according to emotions? That would be impossible for me. I don't think I'm downright thick-headed, but mostly I do whatever I feel like doing at the very moment - spontaneously. Strange how sometimes I finally understand all the logical reasons underlying my actions only years after the actual event, and find that I would have chosen the same option if I were thinking at the time.
And, sometimes, I also like to act recklessly, deliberately abandoning conscious mind, because it is... interesting. As inebriated Ippolit in the "Ирония судьбы, или С лёгким паром!" movie had complained, 'We live boringly! We lack adventurism! We've forgotten how to climb in through our beloved women's windows. We've forgotten how to do big, nice fooleries!' Entirely true; there should be more captain Greys under the scarlet sails around us.
Don't you ever do such things? I would think you do.

[I should include a compliment and complain about my city too, but I'm uninspired to write something nice]
Ironically, the internet allows you to meet that kind of people. But, yeah, [living very far away from one another] does become a problem.
[I can commiserate that. You may think up my ablush answer to the imaginary compliment and condolences concerning your city.]
Rare cases of happy real-life marriages of the Internet couples keep gnawing at the back of my mind.

Unlickly, the current stereotype is "Argentine people must play football the right way" (which I don't anyway).
Really? I don't know a thing about football, and have no desire whatsoever to fill this gap of knowledge. I'm strictly convinced that Quidditch's the best sport ever. It's very weird to find myself lost in the midst of vortexes of heated football discussions, names and titles flying over my head, sometimes. What could be so exciting about football?..

Half Italian, a quarter German and the rest a mixture of nationalities I haven't digged up yet. Unfortunately I've got no Russian blood. But my aunt's husband (my uncle, technically), both of whom I like a lot, comes from that country.
Oh. What wind did bring you all together in Argentina?.. Unpredictable vicissitudes of fate, hm?
I'd got some 'propaganda' from my father as well, he's a very pro-Soviets person. Opinions on the country are oftenly so extreme. There's idealizing, berating, blame on some things or the other, praise or loathing. Easy to get lost, especially when the only actual thing you yourself remember about the USSR is the money substitution: rubles and kopecks giving way to lits and cents. I was three, I suppose, and needed money for bubble-gum.

I'm half Russian, a quarter Jewish and a quartrer Tatar, by the way.

I've even heard the history of the burial methods and toilets but that has more to do with my free time.
History of toilets definitely sounds enticing. Shame I prefer to fill my free time with Harry Potter and other endlessly un-educative matters, denying myself a chance to learn about such topical subjects. Seriously.

Due to my tendency of not looking at people in the eyes, and un-desire to kiss everyone on the cheek, I am usually frowned at.
Why, do they really do that all the time? Now that's something unheard of. To look somebody in the eyes is considered rude, or a sign of intimate trust, here. Or maybe extravagance. As for kissing non-relatives on cheek, I was kissed only once, by way of a thank-you, and still melt at the memory.
So, what you are saying is that antisocial elements like me would have been 'frowned at', too. Is that the feature of Argentina or the other SA countries as well?

Actually I don't. Due to the lack of imports getting music made in the Soviet Union is practically impossible. Getting things by Okudzhava was a sacrifice.
And what did you sacrifice?
Then again, getting something special is always troublesome, one would think. Everything else, however, exists somewhere in the Internet. That's how we get most of the music nowadays, after all.
Those two songs I've mentioned, they are by far the most famous, both from children movies. Maybe you just don't remember the titles. Weird. I couldn't find those on my computer either. Well, I've still got the disk. Also: how about Seweryn Krajewski? Or... All right, I'm curious as to what else do you listen to, from Soviet Russian music. Inanely.

The latter is the most common answer. That absent-minded and unprofound Nihilism is killing society.
Don't call ignorance Nihilism. Most people have many other things to worry about, things at hand. Besides, 'What the deuce is it to me? You say that we go round the sun. If we went round the moon it would not make a pennyworth of difference to me or to my work,' - had said once by no means the dimmest mind in the world, remember?
*muses* I probably am a bit of a Nihilist too, for I consider myself Subjectivist.

Yep, I've looked up that Mauryans were in India. The only thing I've heard about India before was that it's every province had it's ruler, making India a patched-up country, plus jungles and an exceptionally serious approach to religion. Vague at best, I know.
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