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As they entered the building they heard a explosion. Tiscalli Turned.
"Dosn't it bother you they are blowing apart your ship?"
"Trust me my ship is tougher than it looks"
"Trust me if it was in any danger I would not have left it"
Tiscalli nodded. They continued to walk around. The lab had nothing of real interest. Tiscalli tried to hack into the computer system but the computer fizzled and died. They entered a main chamber where eggs and pods were. The pods contained dinosaurs. The eggs had hatched and tiny foot prints had been left.
"What is this place? Is this were they make dinosaurs"
"No...this is were they play god"
Viper looked around more closly. He picked up a data pad and read:

Entry 67:

The genetically inhanced dinosaurs are proving more trouble than we thought. They are stronger and faster. They seem to like hanging around the compound gates for some reason. This has caused many workers to have been injured and some even killed. We are starting to realise this testing is not the way to go aboug it. Some people suggested making mechanical dinosaurs. The nerve!

Entry: 68

It appears we are now starting to make a new dino. It's called Gigantosaurus a 19ft monster! This will take all our skills.

Entry: 69

We've gone too far. As soon as those monsters came online they attacked the building. And the raptors we've previouslt made had attacked too

Entry: 70

We have barred the gates and sent for an evac. But I have no idea if it's coming

Entry: 71

We're now trapped in the main lab. We can not escape. The doors can no longer hold. They are coming.....

It ended there....


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