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Originally Posted by ShadowTemplar
That's actually not quite correct... You don't have to be an atheist to value sound science. I can name several qualified biologists and physicists who'd be frankly insulted at the insinuation that they are somehow less christian because they acknowledge the validity of scientific theories.
Right. I've had discussions with people who put up the false dilemma that you either accept the (Christian) Bible on faith as absolutely true, or you accept science (insinuating that science is only used as a substitute for religion by people who don't have God).

Indeed. In fact there are several fundie hindu groups who reject evolution - because according to their fundie view the world has always existed and has always been the same - so change is impossible and beginning is impossible. And while we don't hear as much about it in the West, Muslim creationism is also rampant in many parts of the world. Of course they buy into the rethoric and propaganda originating in the US, but that's probably only because the US creationist movements have rather a lot more funding than the Middle Eastern ones.
Well said. I know of Hindus who have no trouble believing that we've been through a series of creations and destructions, so while the "cycle" might be eternal, the current earth/universe is not necessarily. Also I've read about Muslims who defend the Qu'ran as geling with science, in taking it symbolically to be parallel with modern science (rather than saying the science is wrong and needs to support a literal reading of the text).

Freud is a cheap hoax and a political pseudoscientist. His crap's so deep that he compares disfavorably with even the Center for the Renewal of Science and Culture.

But that's for another thread...
Agreed. I know his other stuff is much disputed nowadays as well, I was merely referring to his "theories" on religion. Still, no matter how debunked some of his ideas have been, they still get brought up as fact by people every so often, usually without realizing who said them or why.

Also: I don't know if this has been said or not, but I've come to realize that many creationists do accept that some form of evolution takes place, but they still reject mainstream science about it. This may be because in the media it's depicted as "creationism vs. evolution" as if there were only two positions, and then it's often characterized as the irreligious vs. "the Christians" again as if there were only two views.

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