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Make it actually feel like itís a war is a great idea. Unfortunately though if they want to add AI to the maps, they need to take on time so the AI isnít running into walls, or just standing around while theirs fighting going on three feet away. I mean we all want to be apart these HUGE battles! Where you have lasers whizzing past your heads, tanks and speeders shooting up everything in site! Some adrenaline rush ****, thatís what would make this game great. If they make you feel overwhelmed from the enemy.

What about realistic damage as well? How cool would that be? A tank shoots a cannon at the wall and the wall just gets a huge hole through it, with bricks flying everywhere the whole Sha-bang!

Not let me drift back to reality. I mean this is Lucas Arts were talking about where wowing people with their games happens rarely. And the same guys who have built a sequel almost exactly the same as the first. These are the same guys who are making such a huge deal about there X-box patch, like they are soooooooo great to give one platform a patch. These are the guys who have gone mum on the pc patch probably because they are working on Battlefront3 so it hits another rushed release in six months. Guess what though? In SwBf3 there is now playable gungans! WOOT! It is truly Pathetic. clan site

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