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That really would be pathetic. Especially considering gungans are already playable in BF2.

The old maps do need major redoin's, I agree. Some of the maps could easily be made more exiting with just some simple changes, Impliment certain objectives to give soldiers somthing to work for, somthing more then just running around in circles after your opponents capturing posts. Larger battles is also a givin, I mean right now some of them feel to crowded. Others are a bit to spread out, and could use more vehicles and units.

Also I think more complex maps, with interactive enviroment would also add something to the maps, collapsable tunnels on Hoth for example, to slow down the imperials as they invade Echo base. Or the ability to enter buildings (or demolish?) on Mos Eisly or Naboo, and snipe from windows, stuff like that could also help improve the maps.

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