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Originally Posted by VampireNaomi
Oh, I tend to mess those things up.

It's just that it is not a common name (Oh right, Rei Ayanami it all becomes clearer now).

Originally Posted by Charie
If only I've had fun; your New Year sounds much more enticing to me. I would have been much happier if I didn't celebrate it at all. Besides, I hate going out of my time-table, even rarely.
I'm not a big time celebrator either, It's just a new year for crisake.

I consider sleep a waste of time as well, and would be glad to get rid of this - unfortunately - necessary nuisance for good, but I need to sleep around 7.45 hours a day to function appropriately. The longest I've ever been awake were four days, after which not even walking could save me anymore: I would just faint asleep on the move.
4 Days? I can't last more than 24 hs. if I don't have a reason to stay awake.
I take off my hat to you.

I get around 4-7 hours of sleep per day during the school year (mostly five); and that is not the healthiest habit.

Normal life is a beautiful and craved for thing, when you have less than that. However, at the present moment I can't see any normality for myself; everything had been a bit too crooked around me in the past - in my view.

I would have liked to grow up and live in a perfectly normal, healthy real family. Not that my actual one is something outstanding, of course: they were two sincerely despising each other people with the notehead in passports, who had finally split up officially a a year and a half ago. Happens all the time. They had already been only tolerating one another by the time I was born; notwithstanding, they both wanted me, just separately.
Normal life may be desired or hated, it depends on the case (that's the thing with me, I want anything I can't have).
I'm the most abnormal person on a far too average family, and I dislike the fact that the normal relatives of mine can't seem to understand my difference and solitude.

Do you live alone now?

Do you mean you never actually act according to emotions? That would be impossible for me. I don't think I'm downright thick-headed, but mostly I do whatever I feel like doing at the very moment - spontaneously. Strange how sometimes I finally understand all the logical reasons underlying my actions only years after the actual event, and find that I would have chosen the same option if I were thinking at the time.
And, sometimes, I also like to act recklessly, deliberately abandoning conscious mind, because it is... interesting. As inebriated Ippolit in the "Ирония судьбы, или С лёгким паром!" movie had complained, 'We live boringly! We lack adventurism! We've forgotten how to climb in through our beloved women's windows. We've forgotten how to do big, nice fooleries!' Entirely true; there should be more captain Greys under the scarlet sails around us.
Don't you ever do such things? I would think you do.
I listen to my emotions often, but I don't pay attention to them on major decisions. If it is something relatively important, I will analyze every possibility to the extent that it will become a real tough dilemma, and then pick the best; the results seem to disappoint me on the long run.

I'm trying to balance that though, and make spontaneous choices more often.

Rare cases of happy real-life marriages of the Internet couples keep gnawing at the back of my mind.
-Happy real-life marriages are not as common nowadays, or so it seems-

Anyway, if you are up for it...

What could be so exciting about football?..
I ask the same question every time; I don't get the importance out of sports and competition in general.

Oh. What wind did bring you all together in Argentina?.. Unpredictable vicissitudes of fate, hm?
My country was one of the main points of immigration during the 30s; while English speakers went to the Northern part of the continent, the rest came to Argentina for it's similarity to Europe and good economical position.
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