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Viper entered the bridge. He shot at the clone commander and clone captain. He turned to a clone trooper reaching for his rifle. Viper kicked it out of the way.
Viper said nothing
"Goodbye clone"
A blade appeared out of the wrist slot on Vipers armour (The same as when Jango is fighting with obi wan and he stops himself from falling into the water on Kamino) and Viper hit the clone around the head. The clone's body went limp and blood trickled out from underneath the clones armour. Viper turned to the controls. He planted charges all around the room and ran. As the door behind him closed the explosions erupted and Viper heard the sound of the windows shattering and space entering the bridge which was quickly stopped by metal shutters. Viper then ran to the generator with any luck the explosives he placed here would destroy the ship. He dropped a bag into the reacotr shoot and ran back to the hanger. The bombs would no go off until Viper pressed the little red button. Viper entered a hanger but was greeted by a large group of clones. The clones turned and all raised their weapons. One of them laughed
"Some bounty hunter....any last words Viper?"
Viper pushed the button and ran. Luckily the clones were distrcted by the large explosion which was getting louder. Viper jumped into a Repulblic starfighter and launched out. He watched the ship explode and his only words to this were
"Damn it!....My ship was in there!"


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