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We''l start now I guess.

Chazz jumped into his ARC and took off. if they were going to fight off three capitals, they'd need all the help they could get. The fighter went through the hangar bay shield and he headed towards the first frigate. "Vertigo to All fighters: All fighters target frigates before Capitals."
"Understood." came a deep voice from his comm.
He fired a rocket at the single auto turret mounted on the frigate's bow. It caugth fire but was still blasting away at the millions of fighters. "Delta 829, can you spare a shot?"
"Sure thing Chazz!" came a lighter, friendlier voice. 829's rocket was a direct hit and the turret exploded. "Fire at the underbelly of the frigates." Yelled Gus.
"Delta 728, what the hell do you think you're doing!?" Yelled Chazz over the comm. Sure enough, Gus was firing at the frigate's underbelly. "I'm takin' this thing down!" came the young boy's voice. "You're firing at the-" He stopped and laughed. "Target the underbelly boys!" Yelled Chazz. The genrators on the inside of the ship were there. Perfect. "Your training payed off, didn't it 728?" Static filled the comm. "728? Delta 155 to Delta 728. Over?" Nothing. "Delta 728? answer me, over!" Teh frigate exploded and Gus's fighter flew past him. "Nice shot, private." said Chazz and they moved on the first capital. "Republic Capital 472's shields are down." came another deep voice. that was quick. thought Chazz. "Gus Kenobi, you read me?"
"Yes, sir!"
"Pull back and help protect the command bridge." came the admiral's voice. "yes sir!" Gus pulled up and turned around. It was a shame to loose him so quickly. "Good luck 728." Chazz dodged a proton torpedo. "Target the Main Cannons."
"Understood, boss!"
The first cannon exploded, followed by the second. "Omni 154 to Delta 155."
"Omni? This comm. is for Delta only." lectured Chazz.
"yes, but they have reinfirced shields, we'll ned to take out the shield genrators from inside."

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