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Viper walked into the control room of the ship. people turned to watch him as he walked up to the captain. Viper didn't let on but he enjoyed the extra atention he got.
"Ah Viper, we need your help-"
"Three Frigates and Two Capitol good as gone"
"Yes well-"
"Be careful, I plan to"
"Good Luck"
Viper nodded. And put his helmet on
As he left he heard a voice say
"Can we really trust a bounty hunter. After all he was close friends with Jango Fett"
Viper ignored them. He walked into the hanger where his squad lined up. Before him. He nodded to each of them in turn and motioned them to their ships. He got into his own and flew out of the hanger.
"Right boys, do what you have to do"
"Yes sir" they all said
They flew towards the frigate and sent wave after wave after wave of missiled. The ship rippled with explosions. Out of the corner of his eye Viper saw ships being picked off by Auto turrets. Boys stay with the frigate I'm going to take out the shileds. He heard a voice say
"yes, but they have reinfirced shields, we'll ned to take out the shield genrators from inside."
"This is Viper I'm going in, don't get in my way" he said into the comm.
His ship shot towards the ray shields and dived into the hanger of the CIS capitol ship. Viper jumped out and started blasting droids with his pistols. When the droids were dealt with, he didn't want to stick around for another wave of them to show up, he made his way to the shield generator....


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