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Xbox Controller on PC - help!

Greetings. I recently modded an old USB cord and a Xbox break-away cable together so I can use my xbox controller on my pc. However some problems came up. First off, the right thumb stick; JO won't recognize the left and right motion. I tried to assign it to turn left/right. It knows up and down, but not side to side. Annoying, but I fixed it by altering the controller drivers to think the right thumb stick was a 4-button D-pad. Not as accurate as a stick, but it works.

That is, it did work.

When I join a server to play, the right thumb stick decides it doesn't want to work anymore and the left/right axis becomes unresponsive. Even the above trick does nothing. It's driving me bonkers.

Anyone here have any idea on what's causing this? Only happens in multi-player. And no, "use keyboard/mouse" is not a real answer. I've tried that, I'm old school console guy.

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