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FlashRam vs SnakeEyes Screenshots

SnakeEyes finally played me and the results are quite hilarious. First, the full weapon match...with predictable results:

We then proceeded to put it on the Duel gametype, saber only full force, which Snake has claimed he is the greatest ever at in 1.02. I should point out that I have only played 1.02 sabers for around three weeks. Snake has claimed to have played 1.02 sabers EXCLUSIVELY since jk2 came out in 2001. The result?

The actual duel total was 10 - 4 in my favor. The extra losses pictured there by both of us were a result of suiciding to change force powers. The "god" of saber 1.02 then began complaining about how that wasn't a "real duel" (strange since it was on DUEL GAMEMODE with SABER ONLY FULL FORCE). Apparently, "real duels" are done on FFA gametype and on FFA maps. (???????????????????????) ok, whatever. So we go to ffa bespin. The score was 2 - 0 in my favor when he started whining about force regen being default and about my tactics (running when low on health so he couldn't drain me, and other common sense things) and saying that in "real duels" you can't hide or run, you have to stand toe to toe full time. I told him that I wasn't going to play by his honor rpg rules and that I wasn't into the whole pretending to be obiwan thing. Truly, if this self-proclaimed 1.02 saber elite was truly skilled he would have had no problems whatsoever defeating someone who has played 1.02 so little such as myself. The truth was I simply outsmarted him. He is a horrible jk2 player with zero understanding of how to play the game to win competitively, and whines when anyone does something that his little newb ffa circle has never thought of (strategic retreating to regain force for example). He then claimed that I hadn't "played his gametype" because his gametype was huge masses of players in large ffa's with tweaked settings such as regentime. Considering there has never been a huge "FFA LADDER" in any game that I can recall I found this amusing. I don't see any reason why I should be expected to play on a bunch of tweaked settings. Basejk is clearly the common ground for all jk2 players. I shouldn't be expected to play on some weird regen setting anymore than if he wanted me to play him on 0 gravity or 4000 g_speed.

edit: and since he keeps screaming about the movies in justifying his honor rpg rules I guess Luke was a MAJOR LAMER for hiding from vader OMFG THIS ISNT' A REAL DUEL. then when he jumps down and defeats vader I guess it's "OMFG NO! NOT REAL DUEL NOT REAL DUEL U CAN'T HIDE ROFL NEWB"
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