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*Cracken paused, then closed his eyes, and reached out through the Force. Stormbaltz, as misguided as his actions were, was telling the truth. He opened his eyes, and scoffed slightly. Honesty in face of death. A trait he admired.

He stood up, and with out moving his hands, reached out through the Force and began to constrict the Admirals organs, then he spoke*

Cracken: While your actions and statement is truthful, Admiral, I cannot allow such actions to go unpunished. It is your duty as a loyal officer to the Empire to act on such hunches to ensure the Imperial Family and holdings are not threatened by mear.... Demigauges and power hungery beurocrates.

More over, Admiral, your place in the Inner Circle places you in a position where should have this happened under my father, your hearing would never have happened. In short, Stormbaltz....

You should have known better.

*Cracken released the pain striken man, and watched in contempt as he fell from his seat, gasping and writhing in pain. He walked from behind his desk, and stood infront of Stormbaltz.*

Cracken: However, I am not like my father, and realize the quality of your character. After all, good officers are getting rather.... hard to come by these days.

As punishment, you are hereby demoted to the rank of Captain, and are to serve under my daughter. Effective immediatly. She has been sent to Yaga Minor. Take two Star Destroyers and rendevoux with her immediatly.

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