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Shadow Base

Aren: This base is being systemically demolished. Yes, they are down. Count yourselves lucky that life support systems are still running.

*The platform rises to a landing set in one of the walls of the base and embedds itself there. The field disappears from around it.*

Aren: My ship is through those doors.

Aidan: You expect us to trust you just like that?

*A hole explodes in the center of the landing as the group approaches. Above them are several small, bike-sized, open crafts. Riding them, two to a craft, are familiar figures - the kidnappers. On one bike are the gray-armored man and the lizard-man, on another are the elf wizard and the man in white, on the third are the ork twins, and the fourth carries the blue-armored woman and a thinly built gargoyle that hadn't been present before.*

Blue-armored woman: Mrs. Aren. I could be mistaken, but it appears that you are trying to run off what is rightfully ours.

Aren: Are you insane? This base is compromised! Besides, your contract...

Blue-armored woman: I suppose I ought to have explained earlier, Mrs. Aren. I am one of the primary signers of the contract for these captives. I joined the mercenary group hired to take them in, regrettably neglecting to inform you. It appears I was remarkably prescient. Well, you know the saying... if you want something done right... *She waves to the others* Take them, kill her.

*The bikes open fire as their occupants leap off*

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