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Asgardried Cargo Bay

Asgardried: No, you didn't say please. I will not do as you ask until you learn some manners.


**While Marin was playing investigative reporter and quizing the group members, the Aesir were in the forward observatory, if you remember earlier they were dressed in their shiney cerimonial armor looking very pretty (never say I don't make fun of my own characters)**

Asgardried: Foward Observatory

*Heimdall approached the forward obsevatory pulling on his guantlets, right before entering he hears a cough and turns to see Idona striding towards him. She like the other Aesir is wearing her cerimonial armor, the red and gold glinting under the lights of the ship, her hair is in a traditional marriage braid*

Idona: Have you forgotten our customs so soon?

Heimdall: No one told me...

Idona: I see, being dense again, I'll fix that soon enough.

*Idona walks up to Heimdall and quickly adjusts her sword belt before taking his hand*

Idona: Now we go in together and...

Heimdall: I remember well enough.

Idona: Fine, shall we.

*Heimdall and Idona enter the forward Observatory, Vidar is standing at the far end facing the door as they entered. On either side were the other Aesir, all smiling at the couple. When Idona and Heimdall reach Vidar they turn and face each other. Vidar says a few words, before Idona and Heimdall recite traditional vows. Vidar then takes out a simple dagger that has runes running the lenght of the blade and hands it to Heimdall who takes the blade and cuts his hand, after that he gives the dagger to Idona who also cuts her hand and gives the dagger back to Vidar who gently cleans it with a cloth.

Idona and Heimdall then press the cut hands together, The family crest on Idona's armor changes into Heimdall's with the original crest being shurken and incorporated into it. Their hands fall away with no sign of the cuts, they married and bonded until death. Before they could do anything else the Asgardried dropped out of hyperspace, reorientated itself and engaged the slipstream drive.*

Vidar: Asgardried, what are you doing?

Asgardried: You said make a few random jumps so I'm making random jumps.

Vidar: We said random hyperspace jumps..

Asgardried: Details...details.
Asgardried: Lounge

Asgardried: I have a secret that the Aesir don't want you to know about. I'm willing to tell you all if you ask nicely.

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