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LOL am I the only one on this board that knows what a match is, FF, NF, PP?
We didnt get around to a NF though I noticed. I think you need to go to some reg server and watch how people match.
Running away during duel isnt a duel, LOL. You know how you stand to duel NF? Your supposed to fight the same with force not run away an hide when your low cause you spent your force wrong. Chasing someone thats running away waiting for their force to regen is ridiculous, thats why you turn regen up, then drain becomes less of a factor an makes it actually interesting. Im not saying make regen 0 but somewhere inbetween.
Honestly though you need to play me, not so I can own you, so I can show you what your missing. Default servers dont exist anymore in 1.02. Like I said I hadnt played with guns in hella, whatever.
Default regen doesnt exist anymore because the players in 1.02 evovled beyond the default setting. Absorb using gunners are unbalanced UNLESS you turn force regen up, Period. The only way to match you was to be a absorb gunner too, but I havent used guns in literally years, nor have I played default regen in years. No one plays with default because its FLAWED. Whatever. Seriously though you need to play me with regen higher its much more than you think it is. We played with regen at default(Your setttings) now play me with my settings.
Ive played JK for years but not on those settings. Whatever.
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