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Asgardried Cargo Bay, Guy's Ship

Guy: Will you kindly ship put me through to the Aesir, please.


Shadow Base

*The thin gargoyle stretches out his hand and a translucent wave ripples through the air. The ripple hits Ellela and Orthos, knocking them into Matt. Aidan is caught in the wave as well, but rides it backwards, spreading his wings and staying upright. He blasts lightning at the attackers, but their shields absorb it. Aren rolls out of the way. She blocks the blasts from the bikes with her staff and brings one of the bikes down by deflecting blasts back at it. She runs towards her ship, which rises off the ground and opens.

The blue-armored woman stays on her bike and aims it at Aidan. Aidan sends more lightning at her, but it glances off harmlessly. She fires at him point-blank as she approaches on the bike, and Aidan is thrown backwards, stunned.

He struggles to his feet, and the thin gargoyle leaps on him. The two roll over several times, and the thin gargoyle clubs Aidan on the head. Aidan slumps.

Suddenly, the thin gargoyle's throat opens up in a splash of red as a black shape streaks through the air, circles around, whips through the lizard-man's chest and returns in the direction it came from as the two victims fall*

Man in White: *looking up* Blades!

*Above the fray, an open hovercraft, shaped like a small platform with a central terminal rising in the center of the front, descends. Standing on the craft is a thin man in black armor with yellow decorations. He wears an axe symbol over his glowing eyes. A plume of fire burns on the man's head in place of hair, and streaks of flame replace his eyebrows. In his left hand he holds a small throwing weapon shaped like an axe blade. He carries two swords on his back and wears a steely, frightening grin.*

Aren: *whispers* Shane.

*The remaining bike switches targets and fires on the Blade. Shane holds out his right hand and waves the bolts away. His own craft sends two green bolts lancing at the bike, which promptly explodes.

The kidnappers back away. The man in white disappears over the side of the platform. The gray-armored man plants himself firmly on the ground and raises his halberd. The ork twins raise their weapons and flank him. The elf wizard raises her wand protectively. Aren backs towards her ship.*

Shane: *shouting* The Lady Robyn!

*Shane leaps off his craft and lands easily on the landing platform, despite the separating distance of over fifty feet*

Shane: Yes... I have come for you, Lady Robyn, rogue Blade. The customary two Executioners hunt you, of course, but there is no honor in your capture or death by the hands of the Council's tools. *He reaches behind him and draws his swords from their scabbards.* However... *The twin swords ignite in flame* ...your death holds great honor for me.

*He raises the swords* Shall I present the writ of detainment, or... shall we just skip the formalities?

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