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Originally Posted by Pavlos
Fred, I hate to add to the list of things to check up on and fix but erm ... whenever I click to download the latest version of Kotor Tool it gives me the following message:

The strangest thing is that I'm not using a download manager or accelerator. In an attempt to get the latest version I told Kotor Tool to check fo updates but it couldn't find any - I suppose that is obvious because it is still linking to the old site. I was just wondering about what could be done to resolve the issue. But as always, Fred, those maps look like fantastic work! How did you come up with that name anyway ... unless it is your real name. I'm just curious as to if it has any meaning.
Since I cannot answer any of your other questions yet, I'll tell you about my handle.

I have never liked the goofy, difficult to pronounce names some fantasy authors give their characters just to be "authentic".

When I started playing an RPG-like "Eye of the Beholder" on a '286 computer way back when, I named my characters Fred, Mike, Mary, and Steve. Fred turned out to be a very handy character and I've kept using that name. I also do it as a joke; my family thinks it is funny that in every game, from racing to platformer, I name my character or profile "Fred" as a purposely non-creative name, while they will spend (waste?) precious game-playing time "customizing" theirs. My spare time is more limited, (unless I give up Kotor Tool development. Hmmm.... more free time.... more games....), so I prefer to get right to the action. As for the last name, it just popped into my head when I created my 1st KotOR character. One of the Kotor Tool users has told me that Tetra means something in his language, but I can't remember what (or which language!)

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