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Viper dropped the pad and gripped his pistols
"Do you think they are still near?" Asked Tiscalli
"I don't know but I don't wanna stick around to find out"
"But we need the parts for your ship"
"We'll get them and get out of here"
Viper turned and froze. At the top of the stairs was a Raptor. He was starring them in the face. Viper knew the only reason they wern't dead was because they had taken it by surprise but it was getting over it. He bared his teeth.
"run.." said Viper
"RUN!" Yelled Viper as he jetted up to the raptor and tsruck it round the face with his wrist baldes. Tiscalli turned around but was faced with a raptor he grabbed his rifle but it had jammed.
"Crap" He said whilst fiddling with it. He dropped it and took out an Electro staff
"COME ON!" he yelled. He raised the staff and struck the dino around the face. It let out a loud shreak and ran. The other Raptor had met it's death at the end of Vipers poison dart but not before he had managed to get Viper with his long claw. Viper's armour was tough so it hadn't done too much damage and Viper would never let on how much it really hurt.
"Why didn't you use your pistols?" asked Tiscalli
"The same reason you didn't use your Rifle. For some reason they are jammed and I'm sure it this room....I don't know how or why but it wont let us use rifles. And It couldn't have been the clones becasue our weapons were right with us and I used the m as I got out the ship" Viper sighed
"Lets go before more raptors show up"


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