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Imperial Centre
*Stormbaltz, racked in pain, fell gasping to the ground. The ignominy of it. Doing what he thought was his duty, demoted for following what appeared to be his superior officer. Still, acting on the urge to resign his commission would likely leave him dead. Without speaking, he nodded, saluted, and left the chamber. *

ISD Damocles

*Stormbaltz arrives aboard, and the ISD hyper-jumps out to join up with the fleet*
Before the Battle of Yavin, Coruscant
*Stormbaltz stands in a shady corner, a man in black on the wall behind him*
Stormbaltz: I won't do it. I won't betray the emperor. I guess you're going to kill me.
Man: On the contrary, you have no remote proof, no idea of who we are or what we are planning to do.
*Some time later, Stormbaltz informs his superior and is informed of his appointment to the lowest rank of the Secret Order.*
*Stormbaltz looks at the tatoo on his arm*

Stormbaltz: And for what?

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